Hand Washing, Exposed.

How often do you wash your hands?
Hand Washing, exposed

Catching the Cause of Disease Red Handed

I don’t remember being sick too much when I was a kid; I used to play outside all the time, often just coming back to my house to sip some water, eat something and then head back out again to play with my friends.


Of course, I remember having the occasional cold, and the time when I caught pneumonia and had to stay in bed for a few days. But these days, it seems like my kids are always catching something. We tell ourselves it must be allergies, or just a virus that’s floating around in school; but it’s hard not to compare this to my own experience as a child. Today, are we more exposed to germs, or is my worry that my kids are sick more than I was just a normal part of what every modern parent faces?


We all know the importance of good hygiene in maintaining good health. In fact, it’s been found that hand washing alone is one of the most important practices anyone can do to prevent diseases. In our household, we always try to keep our hands clean, and teach our kids to do the same every time they come home from school, from playing outside or just after playing with our dog. But after meeting my kid for lunch at his school a few times, I’ve seen all of my and my wife’s reminders to “wash your hands” go down the drain. I’ve seen kids eat their lunch with their bare hands – never even caring to notice the utensils next to them. They will share food amongst themselves, sometimes licking their fingers as the PBJ sandwich explodes after the first bite. What napkins?


And after regularly seeing a significant number of adults not wash their hands in public restrooms, I am very mindful of this, and recognize the importance of instilling this healthy habit in our children.

How about you, do you always wash your hands when you should?

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